Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An Afternoon With My Sister

I loved this outfit of mine!! It was just one of those days where i felt truly confident in what i was wearing and how i looked!! Which was nice because it's not very often when a girl feels like that but that day i did!! So anyway it's usually my mum or my boyfriend who takes my pictures for my looks but that day my sister offered to take them for me,which was amazing for me because to me she is a great photographer and considering she was using my camera (which is just a little Samsung one and not her proper one) She did a great job!! Not only do i like the way she takes pictures but she also is great for pushing me to different poses in different places. So i thought i would upload some of my favorite ones from the day and these are the ones i chose!! Hope you all like :):):):)

This Old Thing

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Birthday Treats

So these are the pictures i took of the birthday presents i received. I love them so much and am very very lucky and grateful for them!! :):):) Hope your like the pics :):):)

Birthday Outfit

So this is what i wore for my birthday,which was on July 1st!! The Pants Are M by Missoni and the jacket is Miss selfridge and the scarf was a birthday present By Missoni!!! Was a super lovely day :):):)

Milly And Stella Out With Their Fella

Friday, 8 July 2011

Red Shoes And Ray Bans

Jil Inspired Me

Black In The Summer

The Odd One Out

Tequila Sunrise- My Dads 50th

So for my Dads 50th we went out for some Mexican!! Which is why i opted for a more colorful look. These are some of the photos taken from the night!! :):):)

Tequila Sunrise