Thursday, 9 June 2011

Knitted Summer


  1. Lovely blog you've got here!
    I'm definitely following you!
    Hope you follow me back!
    xo DC

  2. my DARLING HELLO!!!!!!!
    omg am i just beyond stupid or did I never notice you had a blog, can i say I am so so ohh so sorry sweetheart, I am so thrilled to have a beautiful new friend and I am literally RUNNING to lookbook to hand you my heart for this look, you classy leggy lady, those shoes are gem to this outfit, and if that dress is shimmering gold then bravo my sweetheart, you have pulled it off sensationally, MY style icon darling!!!!!xoxoxo

  3. lovelyoutfit!!!
    nice heels!! ;);)
    follow you from
    xx ;)