Monday, 22 March 2010


This outfit is really cute and girly, i thought i would have a go with the nightwear as outwear. I layered it with the cycle shorts,bf cardie and a drapy jacket for somthing a little different. I did have to put a little white camie underneath as the night dress was a bit big for me but i think that almost works in my favour for this outfit. The ankle shoes are fab very chunky and very high but are actually easy to walk in.


This outfit is like a whole load of contradictions put together that some how works. The flouncy top with the harder looking leggings, the black next to the brown then a bowler hat and a bf cardie thrown in. Some might say its all wrong but i love it!!

Monday, 15 March 2010


This the first time i've got my legs out without wearing tights i was going to leave a bit longer befor i did that but i am so board of wearing tights with everthing i just took the chance. The look- pretty with an edge...


I love this laid back but still rocking it look!! I think i shall be getting a lot of use out of this maxie skirt this spring/summer and i expect for autumn/winter aswell. Its so easy to wear either dressed up or dressed down and you know your always going to be looking and feeling great.


Monday, 8 March 2010


This outfit is really somthing i love because for me at the moment i love wearing somthing quite tough and heavy like the leggings,top and army boots with somthing thats more feminine and light like this soft drapy jacket.


Love this outfit! Some people might say that this skirt is for a night time scene but im not someone thats gos out very often, so when i have a skirt like this i try and make it day acceptable. Some people might disagree and say this is'nt for the daytime but i dress for me not for other people. I think by putting this slub t-shirt, the leather jacket and just chucking my hair up you can create a casual effect for the outfit. I do think maby just some army boots woulda been better for this outfit rather then court shoes but hey!


Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I got this topshop dress a couple of years ago and still like as much now as did when i first got it. It cheers me up when i wear this because its fun, colourfull and girly. I teamed it up with these geek glasses and black leggings and boots to give it a diiferent look fir this year. I think when you take a peice of clothing that you have had for a couple of years as long as you style it up with some on trend accessories or shoes it tends to work just fine .



I wore this the other day and it felt great to be wearing somthing fresh and bright again! The bold green accessories make this outfit really pop. I love these utility ankle boots they are from topshop and they are going to take me right through spring /summer and probaly autumn/winter 2010. I cant seem to get enough of white shirts atm , this one i'm wearing is great its so light and breezy perfect for this spring/summer.