Sunday, 21 February 2010


I love this look, simple but kool!!



I got quite excited wearing this outfit as i was able to wear some spring fashion like the sheer top with the utility jacket. Even though it its pretty cold outside the peices i chose were just enough to bring a little spring fashion through but still keep warm. Utility is one of my faves for this spring/summer.


I love this cutsie dress from topshop i got it about this time last year and im taking it into this year to. I love the style of this dress and works well the ankle cowboy boots :)


This picture again is an older picture that i forgot to upload. This outfit was kool i just love it when you get that flash of colour!!


This is an older pic that i forgot to upload so thats why the dates are messed up. This outfit was kool it is actually a floral jumpsuit that i have on! But thats the good thing about jumpsuits they are actually versatile and with the right one you can do lots with them.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


I wore this yesterday and it felt great to be wearing somthing a little more lighter to brighten my mood!! This tie die top that im wearing is actually indeed a dress to short for now but in the summer i think it will be fine as long as keep the shoes and accsessories quite plain. Some might say this outfit is a bit mixy matchy but personaly i think with the heavy boots and the tie die its still got some edge about it.


I know the acid skinnys are a bit last year but think this look for somthing casual still works fine. I love this this oversized coat even though its a casual look i was going for here the coat just gives enough smartend edge.



This outfit cheered me up i know the colours are still very "winter" but i just love these guy trousers which i got in a sale from all saints, they work so well with my brogue boots. I know if you look at the clothes individually they are quite plain, but on a whole i think it all works very well. And i know i'm always wearing this jacket but i love it so much and it just seems to work with almost everything i wear!


I know its been a while since i last posted but i'm getting so tired of it being to cold to start dressing in spring wear!! But ayway i'm still going to carry on taking pics of my outfits and blogging them. You cant see it but the top i'm waering is actually embellished with little white and yellow beading its super cute. And what i did with these trousers that i'm wearing which i bought from wearhouse early last year is i pulled them up higher and tightend them with a plain leather belt, and then again tightend them around the bottem. Which i think by pulling them up higher gave me more length.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Saturday, 6 February 2010


I adore this dress its from topshop and it was about forty pounds which i think is brilliant considering how good it looks and how lovely the material feels on. Defently a fave of mine!!