Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I think this outfit is super cute with the geek glasses and the bobble hat. I think thoses two accsessories are quite stand out so i downd it by just wearing simple items of clothing like a plain tee,jeans cardi and black boots.


Again here im wearing an old dress and waistcoat they are both about four years old and i still think they work even now!


I love it when you find an old item of clothing and renew by putting it with somthing a bit fresher. This jacket is from topshop and i got about 3 years ago.


I love this outfit i like the mix of the leather jacket with the softer lace skirt and then the men like brogues.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010



This is the first time i had worn my flared jeans out the house in a while as i normally only wear the skinnys out, but i was really liking this look for somthing different.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010




This outfit was perfect for all this snow we have been having. It kept me very warm but still looking good, the snood was also a great finishing detail.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I wore this in the evening for my cousins birthday. I dont know if you can see it well enough but i am wearing one of those funny big bows felt very heavy but it was fun wearing it. For accessories i kept it simple with just a silver bracelet and a black watch.


I wore this outfit to and have lunch with my cousin for her birthday. I adore this top i think it looks elegant,vintage,fun and on trend specially the colour. I do think i should of worn just plain black knee hight boots with it though. Grr i hate it when you look back an outfit i think you put this or that with it, really anoying.

Thursday, 7 January 2010



I was worried that these jeans would just be a quick fix for fashion as i would normally only want plain jeans because i know i will get wear out of them but i dont think they will go out just yet. Think i will at least get another year from them.


This is just what i wore under the coat in the picture below. This skirt is very pretty and i felt very girly when i was wearing it.


Just to go out with my mum for a new years eve lunch. I love this cheap monday coat its right on trend for this winter and for the whole oversized menswear trend.


I'm really into stripes atm i mean i've been wearing them for like four years now but i never get bored of them as i think they are a classic andalwas look great!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I know this is a picture of the same outfit but in the other pic you couldnt really see the beuty of this velvet skirt, which i adore.




For boxing day i kept it simple with this jumper and jeans but to just make the outfit a little bit smarter i added these brogue boots.


Ahhh christmas day! Here with my boyfriend wearing my new topshop jumper with my ralph lauren skirt. My mum had bought the skirt to big and it was ment to be worn high up around the waist but as it was to big i wore on it my hips, but i think it still looked great. Accessories were just a simple swarvoski necklace that my boyfriend had bought me for christmas, pearl earings and of course my army boots.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy new year everyone! Sorry i havnt been uploading any new outfits of mine been busy with christmas. But now i shall be uploading some new pics very soon. Hope you like.......