Thursday, 27 October 2011


Hi there, Just wanted to let everybody know that i have a new blog. And that i will be continuing my Outfit Diary on there as well as some other new things. I am very excited about my new blog and would really appreciate any followers that i have on here to now follow me on my new blog :) Thank you so so much for the kind support that i have had on this blog and i really hope you like my new blog!

Thanks again and lots of love to you all,Daniella xoxoxox

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Styling My Printed Trousers

I loved These Printed trousers but when i finally got round to wearing them it was a little harder then i though to style them!!! So i took the road of styling them in a way that keeps them the focus. So to do that i had to make sure that rest of the clothing was wardrobe staples,for instance a classic white slightly oversized shirt,Long lined cardigan and simple Black wedges. And with the trousers being Navy they looked even better against the black shoes!! (as Navy and Black is one of my favourite combos,so chic and effortless)

Anyway hope you all like this look :):):):)